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Custom Joinery – Tips To Design Your Residential Kitchen

Custom Joinery – Tips To Design Your Residential Kitchen

09:42 25 September in Uncategorized

A lot of your time is spent around the kitchen which makes it one of the most important space of your home. When you plan to design your residential kitchen you may face a lot of challenges like awkward spaces to fill in. This is where custom joinery comes in to help.

To make the available kitchen space functional and beautiful custom joinery can offer flexible designs and bespoke features. Kitchen design can follow the triangle which includes the refrigerator, stove and sink. The storage space is an important criterion which is why one must make use of custom joinery to ensure ample storage and accessible options.

The countertops must be designed by considering the number of appliances one may want to store or display on the counter top. The kitchen lighting must ensure a safe and stylish working space. The backsplash must run behind the stove, sink and counter to protect the walls from steam and grease