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Feel is just one of our specialties!

Dream Kitchens offer a wide range of kitchen options. When it comes to choosing the right style for your home, let us help you on the journey to ensure you make the right choices and are nothing less than satisfied with your new kitchen. Shaker Hampton feel kitchens are becoming more and more popular! find out why by contacting us today.

A great time for a fireplace this Winter!

Get in touch with us for all your custom joinery needs. We offer a range of products and services to achieve your desired outcome.


Best of, Kitchens

About This Project

This hand crafted dream kitchen designed with all the bells and whistles of a traditional French provincial kitchen. It consists of dental capping, fluted pilasters, proud kickboards and crafted corbels professionally hand painted onsite giving it an exceptional look.

Doors  Raised Square Profile

Bench top  40mm (Buttermilk) caesar stone benchtop

Feature  Raised honed Carrera marble (servery)

Splash back  Honed Carrera marble

Caesarstone - Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

The hard and non porous surface of the Caesarstone makes it simple to clean. Mostly, soap and water or use of a mild detergent is considered enough to maintain the lustre of Caesarstone surfaces. In order to remove materials like food, nail polish or gum, it is important to scrape away any excess material with a putty knife and then clean the surface with a damp cloth.

All Caesarstone finishes apart from polished surfaces would require daily maintenance due to its distinct patterns and finishes. Since there is more exposed surface area in case of Caesarstone, there are high chances that metal marks, fingerprints and other signs of daily use will show up on Caesarstone.

With a small amount of care and maintenance one can enjoy several years of great experience with Caesarstone. Avoid use of any highly aggressive cleaning agents like oven cleaner and also don’t use products which contain methylene chloride or, trichloroethane.

For more information and assistance with your Kitchen renovation – be sure to contact us.

Vanity - Creating A Stunning And Functional Bathroom

Choosing the right vanity and sink to suit your needs is an important part of the bathroom remodeling process. In order to choose the best vanity for your bathroom you would need to answer few questions like your storage requirements, choice of a double or single sink, style or functionality and the current decor of your bathroom.

There are lot of benefits associated with free standing vanities like increased storage for your bathroom, durable design to withstand wear and tear, affordable cost and contemporary look which can be customized based on your design preference.

The wall mounted vanity offers a sleek and modern design and mostly ideal for smaller bathrooms. These type of vanity is easy to clean, offers room for shelving and provides a custom appearance. The vessel sink with vanity design offers a unique visual appeal, easy installation, additional storage and custom options.


For more information and assistance with your Kitchen renovation – be sure to contact us.

TV Unit - Benefits Of Bespoke Design

We spend a lot of time in the living room which makes the TV unit an important furniture which can enhance comfort, functionality and the viewing experience. A bespoke TV unit can transform the living room into an organized and relaxing space which can also maximise the storage space in the living room.

There are several benefits associated with a bespoke TV unit design like extra storage space, design features, aesthetically pleasing, clears space in the living room etc. The bespoke TV unit can be built into awkward spaces to support the TV and also help in concealing house consoles or, wires.

The contemporary or, chic design of the TV unit can improve the look and change the function of your living room effortlessly. The bespoke TV unit can include cupboards, drawers and a wine rack or, display shelving. One can easily keep the living room clutter free by displaying precious items on the shelves while hiding children’s toys in the cupboards.


For more information and assistance with your Kitchen renovation – be sure to contact us.

Custom Joinery - Tips To Design Your Residential Kitchen

A lot of your time is spent around the kitchen which makes it one of the most important space of your home. When you plan to design your residential kitchen you may face a lot of challenges like awkward spaces to fill in. This is where custom joinery comes in to help.

To make the available kitchen space functional and beautiful custom joinery can offer flexible designs and bespoke features. Kitchen design can follow the triangle which includes the refrigerator, stove and sink. The storage space is an important criterion which is why one must make use of custom joinery to ensure ample storage and accessible options.

The countertops must be designed by considering the number of appliances one may want to store or display on the counter top. The kitchen lighting must ensure a safe and stylish working space. The backsplash must run behind the stove, sink and counter to protect the walls from steam and grease.


For more information and assistance with your Kitchen renovation – be sure to contact us.

Custom Built Kitchens - Choosing The Right Flooring

When you are planning to rebuild your kitchen the options are galore which makes it important for you to make the right choices. For custom build kitchens, you can select the material, colour and design based on your preference. Your choice must focus on durability, functionality, style and cost.

For custom built kitchens you can choose from the popular kitchen flooring choices available in the market. Both ceramic and porcelain kitchen tiles are easy to clean, durable and withstand impact. In case you want to use hardwood flooring for your custom built kitchens, you can add warmth to the kitchen and ensure that the flooring is hard wearing and impervious to stains.

Laminate flooring in custom built kitchens offers a range of colours, finish, textures and shape. Vinyl flooring offers a warm feeling underfoot, is economical and offers more comfort than its counterparts. Bamboo offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly flooring option for your custom built kitchens.


For more information and assistance with your Kitchen renovation – be sure to contact us.

Caesarstone - Uses In Your New Kitchen

The stylish Caesarstone is one of the most popular kitchen products which can be put to different uses in your new kitchen. The hard wearing surface of Caesarstone is made from natural quartz aggregates, enhanced polymer resins and organic pigments. Caesarstone can be used to transform your kitchen space to something you have always dreamt of.

The virtually non porous surface of the Caesarstone is perfect for kitchen benchtops because it keeps the kitchen worktop clean and safe from germs. The Caesarstone is also available in a variety of stylish designs and colours which means you can enhance the aesthetics of your new kitchen effortlessly with Caesarstone benchtops.

The heat resistant and waterproof surface of the Caesarstone also makes it a great choice for the splashbacks in your kitchen. They can shield your kitchen from water stains and burn marks and ensure long lasting protection. One can also choose wall panels made of Caesarstone to complement the style of your home.

For more information and assistance with your Kitchen renovation – be sure to contact us.

Outdoor Kitchen - Important Things To Consider

In more recent years and with good weather, outdoor cooking has become increasingly popular. It not only gives the freedom to socialize and entertain but also enjoy the outside world while enjoying a sumptuous meal. However, before you plan for an outdoor kitchen, it is important to consider few important things.

Depending on the features which you want to add to an outdoor kitchen along with the range of appliances, one needs to decide on the budget and see if they can really afford an outdoor kitchen. There are variety of designs and creative solutions to create a stylish and functional outdoor kitchen.

One who enjoys eating and grilling outside would definitely enjoy the concept of outdoor kitchen. A lot depends on the climate that you live in which can allow extended cooking in an outdoor kitchen.

Most homeowners install their outdoor kitchen in the patio so that everything is nearby. The installation process for an outdoor kitchen may be fairly simple, however one also needs to consider maintenance costs associated with an outdoor kitchen.


For more information and assistance with your Kitchen renovation – be sure to contact us.

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